Guide your clients to uncover - in one session - their deeper limiting beliefs and identity, desired states, unmet intrinsic needs, and spiritual longings at the root of their behaviors, and set them up for change.

When new beliefs and self-discovered solutions emerge - in this session - and are practiced regularly, clients become equipped for rapid and lasting transformation – without having to think about it!

Clients are inspired by a clear vision and a felt sense of themselves without their unwanted behaviors creating an Energetic Transformation of many "Ah-Ha!" experiences. So fun to witness that!

Interactive e-Book

Game-Changing Experiential Practices and Methods for Coaches and Counselors

Proven. Simple. Easy. Effective!

Experiential Exercises include how to:

  • Develop deep rapport with client's Present State - clients gain safety and trust
  • Locate core beliefs and identity holds ready for revision
  • Create Well-formed Outcomes for lasting change
  • Decode clients' present-time behaviors and see them transformed into new sustainable Self-care behaviors


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About Dr. Barbara Birsinger.

Dr. Birsinger’s recent work is focused on the development of an innovative and intuitive method, a system she designed for revealing the deeper meaning, purpose, and intended positive outcome in unwanted or detrimental behaviors as the key to lasting transformation.

Dr. Birsinger’s work is based on over 35 years of extensive clinical research counseling and coaching practice, as well as inspiration from many others with whom she has worked and shared experiences.

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